From newbies to experienced bronzer babes, here’s the quick low-down so you can keep your beautiful new glow.


What exactly is this stuff?

DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) is an FDA approved simple carbohydrate, used in all self-tanners, increases the top layers of the skin’s melanin levels. A.K.A. DHA creates a bronzed appearance, by interacting with skin proteins and amino acids. 


Should I be tipping?

Tips are not required for airbrush spray tanning, but always welcome.

24 Hour Before Your Tan


  • Get those pedicure/ manicures
  • Exfoliate and shave up to 24-hours prior to session. Please avoid bar soaps.
  • Wax at LEAST 24-hours prior to session.
  • Avoid lotions, deodorant, make-up, oils, residue from conditioners and hair products.
  • Do not apply self-tanner.

Day of Session


  • Wear loose dark clothing, nothing restrictive.
  • Make sure skin is clear of makeup and deodorant.
  • If it is raining, please bring an umbrella, or wear a hooded sweatshirt.
  • Remove all jewelry- including dangly belly button rings.
  • Your tan will be developing over the next 8 hours i.e. your skin will appear darker as the day goes on, so plan your day according to your comfort level.
  • Women can be sprayed naked but also can wear dark swimsuits (please do NOT wear your favorite swimsuit), dark undergarments- depending on comfort level.

Care for Your Tan


  • Avoid water for at LEAST 5 hours. (yes, this includes crying) Best results are from not showering for around 8 hours.
  • Do NOT wait more than 12-hours to shower.
  • Avoid long, hot showers.
  • For the first shower, only rinse off skin (including face), do not use ANY soaps.
  • Avoid peeing in the shower during that first rinse the acidity can make your tan streaky.  
  • Apply moisturizer after EVERY shower. Do not apply moisturizer before the first shower.
  • Avoid shaving as much as possible- shaving works as an exfoliant.
  • Avoid chlorinated water.
  • Avoid scented lotions, astringents and anything with harsh chemicals.
  • Tans on average last 5-10 days.

Take Note


  • “My tan is washing off.” Post airbrush tans develop, so you will get darker and darker- this is NOT what your tan will look like, this is the cosmetic bronzer which will wash off during the first shower, revealing a beautiful bronzed glow.
  • “I ruined my tan.” It’s normal to see smudging, creases and in some cases smearing. This should even out after that first rinse.
  • “My clothes are stained.” Cosmetic bronzers usually wash out of most materials. Excluding nylon blend materials and silk, so be smart. If you have lighter sheets, you may want to shower before going to bed.

Remember the Triple S

Shaving, Showering, and Sweating will all make your tan fade- which is normal over time. Remember to moisturize!! This will help prolong the bronze.

*Recommend not tanning more than 3 times in a 2-week span, this can result in a buildup of patchiness and unevenness. Spraying to frequently can also cause the skin to exfoliate more rapidly, which will ultimately shorten your bronze.

*Airbrush solution does not contain SPF, PLEASE protect your skin!

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Marina spray tanned my sister and I for my wedding this past weekend!

She did not dissapoint!

I recieved so many compliments and it’s still holding up! I highly recommend her and will be coming back!


I got so many compliments on my natural glow, everyone thought I was on vacation! It was definitely the highest quality spray tan experience thus far. It looks so much better than sprays I have gotten in a machine at my tanning salon. 


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